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The Science of Grocery Store Lighting.

The science of grocery store lighting

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Promolux- The Incredible Fresh Food Lighting Product line you Can’t Live Without!!.

Promolux low radiation lighting protects food from discoloration, off-flavoring, tanning and wilting. This allows perishable food to burst with color and fresh flavor.

The need for specialty lighting is very significant for supermarkets especially when it comes to designing a new layout for their store. A store has many perishable food display cases and self-serve cases.

Compare vegetables under different lighting

These display cases have different requirements when it comes to lighting and the type of lighting installed can mean a cost difference of thousands of dollars.

The first and foremost reason that a department manager needs to be concerned with what type of lighting they install in their perishable cases is because it is well documented that lighting causes oxidization of perishable products.

The UV radiation from lighting (visible and non-visible spectrum) can cause meat to turn color and dry out decreasing the value and integrity of that product. There is also the danger of bacteria growth which can be encouraged under the wrong lighting, again a concern of many department managers.

If a supermarket makes the wrong decision and installs incorrect lighting that was not specifically designed for perishable applications the end result will be sizable shrinkage (spoiled food that must be thrown out) and the dollar value loss associated with losing the sale and having to throw out the spoiled product.

Perishable foods including fruits and vegetables, deli meats, deli salads, cheeses, and packaged meat are the most severely affected by poor lighting. Dairy products like milk may be affected as well as many other beverages including beer and wine, the only difference with beverages is that the type of packaging plays a key role in just how much oxidization of the product occurs.

Promolux lighting has lights to fill the needs of all these applications.
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Efficient selling is possible only if the product is visually appealing. And when it comes to fresh foods like- meats, fruits, vegetables etc, the concept of food lighting becomes all the more important. These products are perishable and easily get discoloured and look dull.

Why would any customer want to buy an unsavoury food product? The meat must look succulent and so should the pastries. But what we find with most retail stores and gourmet shops is that the fresh foods look shrivelled even though they are not even a day old.

The reason behind that is simple! The lights!

Most of the fresh food lighting available in the market doesn't use a wide range of spectral distributions and carefully chosen tones.

That is why you need an efficient Fresh meat-led display Lighting in your store that makes the product look rightly coloured, appetizing, deserving and at the same time preserving all its nutritional content.

This is where Promolux is different from its competitors. Our patented colour formula and balanced spectrum lighting product line are ideal for fresh food retail merchandising that showcases your products with amazing natural colours and protects them from oxidation caused by harmful radiations.

-Benefits after switching to Promolux-

Our Fresh Food-led display lighting protects fresh foods from the effects of photo-oxidation and lipid oxidation caused by using ordinary lighting in refrigerated fresh food displays.

Fresh foods not only look great but they also retain their natural colour, their nutritional qualities and, moisture content.

We provide the highest level of fresh-food protection by eliminatng damaging wavelengths that damage perishable foods.

Superior colour rendering with our unique colour balancing formula that creates a picturesque visual appeal in both- services and self-service cases.

You can illuminate your showcases without having to compromise on the colour, quality or freshness of the fresh food.

All the Savvy retailers choose Promolux for fresh food lighting solutions. And here's why should you too!

Increased sales of your stores through outstanding colour definition with the most saturated fresh and natural colours for food display lighting in grocery stores

Our food-specific LED lamps are powered by currents of less than 50mA compared to other brands that use currents of up to 1000mA.

We use a patented colour formula specified by major retailers worldwide, our lamps maintain their efficiency longer, consume less energy than alternative lamps, and are best used in fresh food departments where extraordinary colour presentation is critical.

If you don't like our product, we come with a payback guarantee of 90 days or less.

Our Fresh Food-led display lighting is available in all fluorescent sizes and LED systems.

We are the No.1 choice for worldwide retailers when it comes to fresh food lighting and are highly preferred by OEMs.

Promolux is a Fresh Food-led display lighting brand worth investing ' cause we are well received and appreciated by retailers worldwide for our top-of-the-range services and products.

We are always keen to develop customized solutions for our retailers by using our latest technology products.

Promolux-the Best retail visual merchandising for fresh food

Apart from the many benefits and reasons to go with promolux stated above, we want to tell you why Promolux is the Best retail visual merchandising for fresh food!

We are the Best retail visual merchandising for fresh food 'cause our lighting system is ideal for all types of fresh food categories like- meat, fruits, vegetables; boutique and gourmet shops and retail stores.

Our retrofit systems allow fresh food retailers to upgrade from regular LEDs and fluorescent tubes to our LEDs using the existing driver and ballast as a source, without any labour cost and without using direct current, which can be a risk in commercial refrigeration.

Our LED systems are made of quality components that ensure their long life and durability, so you don't have to buy the Fresh Food-led display lighting products again and again.

You can easily merchandise your products like- fresh food better with Promolux as it instinctively appeals to the shoppers.

Our Fresh Food-led display lighting never compromises on the integrity, quality and visual appeal of the product, which helps in quickly catching the customer's attention and generating their long-term loyalty.

You will save a lot of money and product while being able to capitalize on a quick return on your investment.

For ex- the lightings under which the meats are displayed make them look stale, desiccated and devoid of nutrition. And no one would want to spend their money on that!

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